1 Shafana Majeed II Rank 2002 Kannur University
2 Shalu Jose I Rank 2004 Kannur University
3 Manjusha Mathew II Rank 2004 Kannur University
4 Indu Raghavan I Rank 2005 Kannur University
5 Sreejina E III Rank 2005 Kannur University
6 Sruthi C I Rank 2007 Kannur University
7 Sheethu Jose II Rank 2007 Kannur University
8 Athena G. S I Rank 2008 Kannur University
9 Aseela A. K II Rank 2008 Kannur University
10 Anjana George II Rank 2009 Kannur University
11 Prajina P.P II Rank 2010 Kannur University


Achievements during 2016-17
  • AnjanaP Nambiar secured admission inIISER for integrated PhD
  • Sudheesh Mohan K secured 2nd Rank in the M.Sc examination conducted by Kannur University
  • Students who got admission in various reputed institutions
  1. Anjana P Nambiar (IISER , Trivandrum for integrated PhD )
  2. NivedaVinod (NIT Suritkal)
  3. Aneeja T (CUSAT)
  4. Swathi Krishna (CUSAT)

JAM qualified Students

  1. Anjana P Nambiar
  2. Swathi Krishna
  3. Aneeja T
  • AyanaPavithran of I DC won second prize in the university level posture making as a part of ozone day celebrations.
  • TG/DTA, DSC, Fume Hood, pH meter and Water purifier have been installed in the research Lab.
  • Five papers got published in the international journals
  • SangeethaU K of IIDCpresented a paper on “QUALITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION” in the National seminar organized by student IQAC.
  • The outreach activities of the department “LOVE PLASTIC” was recognized state level with an outstanding award by SEED (Student Empowerment for Environmental Development) under theenthusiastic guidance of our faculty Dr. Rosy Antony.
  • Vandana Suresh of II DC was selected to participate in a NationalNSS camp held at Uduppi.
  • Our students Ms.NikithaSreenivas won 1st prize in Sanskrit poem writing, Ms.Devapriya won 3rd prize in Veena and Ms.AthulyaJose won third prize in margam kali in the University Arts Festival. Mr. Alwin George, Mr.Abhinjith and Ms.AnjithaChandran were selected to inter university hockey Championship representing Kannur University.
Achievements during 2015-16
  • Students who got admission in various reputed institutions
  1. Shisina S (NIT Suritkal)
  2. Jeeshma R (NIT Suritkal)
  3. Anagha K (CUSAT)
  • JAM qualified Students
  1. Abhilash P Rajan
  2. Shisina S
  3. Jeeshma R
  • GATE qualified Students
  • Sruthi John
  • Swetha J
  • Electro analyzer, hot-air oven and hydrothermal bomb have been installed in our research department.
  • Nygil Thomas has been sanctioned a UGC funded minor project entitled “Electrochemical Investigation of Mercury (II) at Modified Carbon Paste Electrodes for the Development of Electrochemical Sensor”.
  • Devapriya of 2nd DC won 2nd prize in Veena& Mr Hebin Benny of 2nd DC won 3rd prize in Harmonium  in University fine arts festival.
  • Department won the 1st prize in interdepartmental arts competition and sports.
Achievements during  2014-2015
  • SudheeshMohan.K and Ms.Swathi V.Csecured university first and second position (A+)
  • Students who got admission in various reputed institutions
  1. Swathi V C (IISER Trivandrum for integrated PhD)
  2. Roshima K (Central University, Kasaragode)
  • JAM qualified Students
  1. Swathi V C
  2. Roshima K
Achievements during 2013-2014
  • Sruthi N.K   (NIT Calicut)
  • Students who got admission in various reputed institutions
  • JAM qualified Students
  • Sahaja M. V
  • A UGC sponsored minor project entitled “An Attempt to improve the Fuel resistanceof Natural Rubber Using EVA waste” has been sanctioned to Dr.Shyla George.
  • Three paper have been published by the chemistry research center
Achievements during 2012-2013
  • Students who got admission in various reputed institutions
  1. Neethu Mohan (CUSAT)
  2. Krishnapriya (CUSAT)
  3. Sruthi P K (CUSAT)
  4. Jinsha N K (Central University , Pondichery)
  5. Shona K (NIT Calicut)
  • Our research centre has been inaugurated by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Principal, P.R.N.S.S College, Mattannur.
Achievements during 2011-2012
  • A minor research project ‘Environmental status of Thalassery estuary’ by Dr. Rosy Antony has been sanctioned by U.G.C