Hostel accommodation, though limited, is provided for both boys and girls.


1. Jawahar Hostel (for boys)run by the Arch Diocese of Thalassery

Warden: Fr. Jobi Jacob

Mob: 94478889603


2. Rani Jai Hostel (for girls) run by Adoration Sisters

Warden: Sr. Rosmin

Phone: 0490-2361383


3. Nirmala Bhavan (for girls) run by S.H. Sisters

Warden: Sr. Sujamol Joseph

Phone: 0490-2361214


4. Alphonsa Bhavan (for girls) run by Clarist Sisters

Warden: Sr. Celine Kunnel

Phone: 0490-2369176


5. St. Joseph’s Hostel (for girls) run by St. Joseph’s of Lyons Sisters

Warden: Sr. Lilly

Phone: 0490-2360731