The College belongs to the Archdiocese of Thalassery. The administration of the college is vested in the Governing Body.


His Grace Mar George Njaralakatt

Archbishop, Tellicherry Archdiocese



Msgr. Dr. Joseph Pamplany

Vicar General, Tellicherry Archdiocese



Rev. Fr. Paul Valloppilly

Vicar, St. Mary’s Church, Nirmalagiri


  1. Msgr. Dr. Joseph Pamplany – Manager
  2. Msgr. Mathew M. Chalil – Educationalist
  3. Rev. Fr. Paul Valloppilly – Bursar
  4. Dr. Saleena N.J. – Principal
  5. Rev. Dr. K.S. Mathew – Academician
  6. Rev. Dr. M.J. Mani – Director, IRISH, Educational Expert & Former Principal
  7. Dr. Abraham Joseph – Dean, Calicut University, Academician
  8. Dr. Mini Joseph – IQAC – Co-ordinator
  9. Dr. John Joseph – Syndicate Member, Kannur University.
  10. Prof. P. S. Abraham – Retired Teaching Staff
  11. Sri T.J. James – Superintendent
  12. Sri. Lakshmanan V – PTA Vice President



1. Mar Sebastian Valloppilly
2. Mar George Valiamattam
3. Mar George Njaralakkattu


1. Msgr. Thomas Pazheparambil
2. Msgr. Jacob Varikattu
3. Msgr. Thomas Nilakkappally
4. Msgr. Mathew M Chalil
5. Msgr. Abraham Ponat

6. Msgr. Dr. Joseph Pamplany


1. Rev. Fr. Thomas Moolekunnel
2. Rev. Fr. Joseph Myladoor
3. Rev. Fr. John Kallumkal
4. Rev. Fr. Varkey Kunnappally
5. Rev. Fr. Mathew Kayammackal
6. Rev. Fr. George Chirayil
7. Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kavalakat
8. Rev. Dr. George Kollakkombil
9. Rev. Fr. Paul Valloppilly

1. Rev. Dr. Antony Kurialacherry 1964-1970
2. Prof. E.M. Joseph 1970-1973
3. Prof. N.P. Inasu 1973-1976
4. Prof. P.V. Joseph 1976-1984
5. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thomas Alakkal 1984-1987
6. Rev. Fr. John George Vadakkummoolayil 1987-1995
7. Prof. A.S. Joseph 1995-1997
8. Rev. Fr. P.J. George 1997-2003
9. Rev. Dr. M. J. Mani 2003- 2010
10. Rev. Dr. Joseph K. Lazer 2010 – 2011
11. Dr. Joselet Mathew 2011- 2016
12. Dr. Saleena N.J. 2016 – Continues


The College Council consists of the Principal, the Heads of all departments and two elected members of the teaching staff, the Librarian, Superintendent and the Senior NCC Officer. The staff representatives for the current academic year are Dr. Denny Philip and Fr. Martin Joseph



Sri. James. T.J., B.Com Superintendent 8547563091
Sri. Joy V.S H.A. 9447484664
Sri. O. T. Jose UDC 9961094695
Sri. M.J. Kuriakose UDC 9495067884
Sri. Joseph Paul LDSK 9495114970
Sri. K. J. Joseph LDC 9847299190



Sri. P.C. Kuttiyachan B.A, C.L.I.Sc Librarian Gr. IV 9447484665
Smt. Eliamma V.C Library Asst. 8606748068
Smt. Molly Joseph B.A Library Asst. 9496020867



Sri. George Thomas B.Com., Herbarium Keeper 9400464862
Sri. K.J. Mathew Lab. Asst., Sr. Grade 9539697801
Sri. Sunny K.S Asst., Sr. Grade 9447485962
Smt. Elsamma A.J Lab. Asst., Sr. Grade 9495696237
Sri. P.J. Devadas Asst., III Hr. Gr. 9495771369
Smt. Aleyamma V.J Lab. Asst., III Hr. Gr. 9526425442
Sr. Mary Joseph Lab. Asst., III Hr. Gr. 9496695344
Sri. Varkey P.V. Lab. Asst., III Hr. Gr. 9847402663
Sri. Babu Peter R Lab. Asst. 9495091405
Sri. Haridas P Lab. Asst. 9496463443
Sri. Xavier Jose Lab. Asst. 9400649144



Smt. Shyamala Vadi Sr. Grade 9946609522
Sri. Pavithran Nittoor II Hr. Gr. 9961515670