Workshops / Seminars (2011 Onwards)

Sl No Title Nature Funding Agency Level Date  
1 Towards a Greener and Cleaner Environment– I Seminar KSCSTE Regional 24th – 25th  Oct, 2012  
2 Major  Treds in Contemporary Malayalam Literature Seminar Sahithya Academy National 19 Oct. 2012  
3 Impact of Tribal Education on Health and Nutrition Seminar KSHEC National 16th– 17th   Aug, 2013  
4 New Perspectives on Post- Colonial Literature Seminar PTA Regional 3rd  Oct, 2013  
5 National Movement in Malabar: Ideology and Politics Seminar PTA Regional 10th Oct 10, 2013  
6 Folklore Seminar PTA Regional 10th Oct, 2013  
7 Agrarian Crisis in Wayanad: Linkages and Dimensions Seminar UGC National 19th – 20th Oct, 2013  
8 Paristhithiyilekkulla Vazhikal Seminar PTA Regional 21st Oct, 2013  
9 Contemporary Hindi Literature-Ecological Study Seminar PTA Regional 22nd Oct, 2013  
10 Life Style Diseases Seminar British Biologicals Regional 30th Oct, 2013  
11 Conservation of Nature Seminar PTA Regional 31st Oct, 2013  
12 Regional Seminar on Robotics and Power Electronics Seminar Internal Funds Regional 24th Feb, 2014  
13 ANALYTICA Workshop Internal Regional 7th July, 2014  
14 Techniques for English Language Acquisition among Tribal Students of Malabar Workshop UGC National 19th Sep, 2014  
15 Towards a Greener and Cleaner Environment– II Seminar UGC National 6th– 7th  Oct, 2014  
16 Prof. A.S Joseph Memorial Lecture Invited Lecture Internal Funds Regional 2014 onwards (Annually)  
17 National Seminar on Light and Photonics Seminar Internal Funds National 23rd – 24th  Feb, 2015  
18 Contemporary Trends in Malayalam Poetry and Poetry Criticism Workshop UGC National 20th – 22nd Aug, 2015  
19 Polymers and Composites Conference UGC National 9th– 10th Sep, 2015  
20 Cultural Revolution and Gender Sensitivity Seminar KSHEC National 15th– 16th Sep, 2015  
21 CAN – 2015 – Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials Conference UGC National 1st – 2nd  Oct, 2015  
22 Research Methodology in Social Science Workshop UGC Regional 12th– 15th Oct, 2015  
23 Excellence in Higher Education: The Role of Interdisciplinary Teaching, Learning and Research. Workshop NAAC National 22nd– 23rd Jan, 2016  
24 National Seminar on Environment Development and Sustainability with Special Reference to Biodiversity of Western Ghats Seminar UGC National 23rd& 28th  Jan and  
25th& 26th  Feb, 2016