Department of statistics conducts complementary courses for Mathematics (major) and Economics (major) students. The department also serves the M.A. Economics students – for the courses in Statistics and Econometrics.


  • Dr.Rejeesh C. John
    Qualified for CSIR- JRF in June 2004 , Qualified GATE 2003 Conducted by IIT Madras , First Rank Holder – M. Sc (Statistics) – Cochin University of Science and technology, 2003 , First Rank Holder – B. Sc (Statistics) – M. G. University, 2000


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    Models Characterized by the Reversed Lack of Memory Property, Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin,Vol.52, Nos.233-234, 1-14.
  • Dr.Rejeesh C John (2009).
    Characterizations using the generalized reversed lack of memory property, Statistics and Probability Letters, Vol.79, 1480-1487.
  • Dr. Rejeesh C. John (2008).
    Probability Models Characterized by Generalized Reversed Lack of Memory property, Electronic Journal of Statistics, arXiv: 0810.     0914v1 [math.ST] 6 Oct 2008, ISSN: 1935 – 7524.