Co-operative Store

Nirmalagiri College Co-operative Store is managed and run by Nirmalagiri College Co-operative Society Ltd. No. C 661. The Society is registered under the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act 1969. Nirmalagiri College Co-operative Society Ltd. No. C 661 was registered on 15.03.1976 and commenced its business on 16.06.1976. The main aim of the society is to help the students to purchase books, study materials, stationery and other available articles at a cheaper rate. It also helps the students to learn the principles of co-operative management.

The society is governed by the Board of Directors elected from the members of the society. Teaching and Administrative Staff members are A Class members and Students are B Class members of the society. Latest election to the Director Board was held on 25.05.2023 and the office bearers took charge of their positions on the same day. The Director Board for the period 2023-28 consists of

  • President :   Dr. Sebastian T. K. (Principal)
  • Secretary :   Mr. Roshin Thomas (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce)
  • Members :    Mr. Manu K. M. (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Economics)
                          Dr. Chithra M. Mathew (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Physics)
                          Dr. Siji Mathew (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Chemistry)
                          Smt. Moly Joseph (Junior Superintendent)
                          Ms. Haritha Rajesh (Student Representative)
                          Ms. Snigdha Suresh K. (Student Representative)
  • Sales Manager :   Sr. Anila Mathew