Associate Professor

Department of English

Nirmalagiri College

Email : marykuttyalex1@rediffmail.com

Mob : 9496239553

Current Professional status
  • Associate Professor in English
  • Research guide in Kannur University
Post Doctoral Research Experience
  • Research Guidance
  • No of PhDs awarded   : 1
  • Submitted : 2
  • On Going             : 7
Doctoral Research Experience
  • 1Year for M. Phil
  • 5 years for P.hD
Academic qualifications
Course Institution University Year
B.A L.F.College, Guruvayur Calicut university 1989
MA Vimala College Trichur Calicut university 1992
MPhil ADU Coimbatore ADU Coimbatore 1995
PhD ADU Coimbatore ADU Coimbatore 2002
B.ED Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery Kannur University 1993
NET     1997
Areas of Academic Interest
  • Indian Writing in English
Publications in International Journals
  1. Prasanth V.G & Sr Marykutty Alex . Land of the Kaleidoscopic Culture: India in Shashi Tharoor’s Riot in ROOTS- an International journal of Multidisciplinary Researches. Vol 3 2nd October 2016 . ISSN 2349-8684
  2. Radhika K M & Sr. Marykutty Alex. Emancipation Through Migration: Reading Vijay Tendulkar’s His Fifth Woman in  ROOTS- an  International journal of Multidisciplinary Researches. Vol 3 2nd October 2016 . ISSN 2349-8684
  3. The Role of Folk Songs in Preservation of Tribal Culture: A Case Study on Mavilan Tribe. Lillyktty Abraham & Marykutty Alex in Journal of Post colonial literatures. An International refereed Journal. ISSN0974-7370 vol 15.  Newman College, Thodupuzha,  Kerala 2015
  4. Mangalamkali of Mavilan Tribe : An Eco- critical reading by Lillykutty Abraham and Marykutty Alex in International journal of Multicultual Literature (ed) Dominic. Kerala. Vol 6 No 3. 2016
Publications in National Journals
  1. ”The Last Labyrinth : Arun Joshi’s Groping in the Labyrinths of Existence”. The Atlantic Critical Review , 2004 Vol 4. No. 4
  2. “Sindi Oberoi: A Perennial Outsider in Arun Joshi’s The Foreigner”. Holistic Thought 2004 Vol 3 No 1-2
  3. “ Billy Biswas: A Man of Extraordinary Obsession”. Atlantic Critical Review. 2005. . Vol 4 No.1
  1. The Role of Woman in Arun Joshi’s The Apprentice and The Last Labyrinth” Research Highlights. 2005 Vol  15 No 3.
  2. “Social Milieu and the Sense of Estrangement in The Foreigner” in The Quest, June 2005, Vol 19 No 1
  3. “Thirst for God and Values in Arun Joshi’s The Foreigner and The Strange Case of billy Biswas”, Research Highlights, Vol 16 , 2006
  4. “The East West Encounter in R.P.Jhabvala’s A Backwad Place”. Studies in Women Writers in English (ed) Mohit K Roy and Ramu Kundu. Atlantic Publishers, Delhi, Vol 3, 2005
  5. ” The Mutilated Self and the Soul’s Agony in The Apprentice”. Journal of IRISH. Vol 1No 1 2006
  6. “ Stumbling in the Dark Alleys for Values and Spiritual Oasis: The Apprentice and The Last Labyrinth” , Narratives of ( Dis)Content- Critical Essays on Commonwealth Literature. ( Ed) M. Dasan  Emerald Publishers  2006
  7. “Social Conventions and the Inner Conflicts: A Study of Arun Joshi’s The Foreigner”. Contemporary Indian Novelists (ed). Syed Mashar Ali , Gujarath. 2008
  8. “ Teachin g English to English teacher Trainees” in the Journal of English Language Teaching Vol XL VI/1 2008
  9. “Expatriate experience in R.P.Jhabvala’s Heat and Dust” in Diviner, A Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, DAV College Chanigarh, Vol. 15 No 2  2008
  10. Doris Lessing: The Epicist of the Female Experience . Doris Lessing: The Nobel Laureate (ed) Syed Mashkoor Ali. Shyam Publications, Jaipur 2009
  11. Arun Joshi’s “Strange Case of Billy Biswas: A Case of Alienation v/s Identity” Journal of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities.VI,No.1&2 Jan 2011
  12. Mystery of Death in Arun Joshi’s Novels. Notions: A Peer Reviewed Journal of English Literature. Vol III. No.3. Sept 2012.
  13. East-West Encounter in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Esmond in India. Notions: A Peer Reviewed Journal of English Literature. Vol.III No.2 July 2012
  14. Role of Women in Arun Joshi’s Strange Case of Billy Biswas. Journal of Extension and Research Vol 15, No.1 Gandhigram T.N 2013
  15. The Neutralization of Capitalist Values and Social Darwinism in Octavio Paz. Research Scholar: A Peer Reviewed Quarterly Inter Disciplinary Research Journal. IV. No.3 2014
  16. A Dam of Silence: A Study of Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence. Great Women Writers of the World by Amar Nath Prasad and S. John Peter Joseph Group Publishers. New Delhi.2014
  17. The Apprentice: A Symbol of Victimisation of the Innocent by a Corrupt Society” Journal of English Language and Literary Studies . Palyamkottai, Vol 4 No 4 2014
  18. Translating Woman as the Other: Cultural Traslation as praxis in the Post- Colonial Context: Anju Antony and Sr.Marykutty Alex. Journal of ELTIF. VI No.1 2015
  19.  Lillykutty Abraham & Sr Marykutty Alex.  The Creation Myth of Mavilan Tribe – An Eco-Critical Reading in the   Journal of English Language Teachers Interaction Forum.Vol VII : 3  September 2016. ISSN  2230-7710.
  20. Rafseena M & Sr Marykutty Alex.  English in Translated Minority Narratives: A Study of Bama’s Karukku in the Journal of English Language Teachers Interaction Forum.  Vol. VII : 4  October 2016.     ISSN 2230-7710
Papers presented in International Symposia
  1. Strategies for Communication Development” in 2nd International ELTAI Conference at B.S.A Crescent Engineering College, Chennai, on  9-10 Feb 2005
  1. “Teaching of Poetry to non native Speakers” in International Congress on English  grammar conducted by language Forum at Sona College of Technology, Sathyamangalam, TN 2006
  2. “Women in Literature” in UGC sponsored National conference on Gender Studies and Curriculum Design in Vellalar College for Women Erode, TN 2006
  1. “Ten Tips for Extensive Reading” in the 4th International Congress on English Grammar organized by PSNA College of Engineering , Dindigul TN from 8-12th Jan 2007
  1. Vocabulary Practice Games”  in the 5th International Congress on English Grammar organized by Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science Hyderabad from 6th -11 Jan 2008
  1. “Teaching Vocabulary to English teacher Trainees” in the 3rd International ELTAI Conference at Sathyabama University , Chennai from 8-10 Feb 2008
  1. “ Peer Group Learning Through Collaborative Work in the 4th International ELTAI Conference at BAS College Chennai from 7-9 Aug 2009
  1. “Learning Grammar- A Good Feeling” in the 5th International Congress on English Grammar held at Kongu Engineering College, Erode, T.N from 9th Jan to 13th Jan 2010.
  1. “Question- Answer Technique- An Effective Learning Tool” in the 6th International ELTAI Conference organized by VIT University Chennai from 16 – 18 Jan 2011
  1. “Strategies for Mature Reading in the 6th International Congress on English Grammar organized by BIT Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu from 28-30 December 2011
  1. “East-West Encounter in a Backward Place in the International Conference held at SRM University Chennai from 18-20 July 2013
  2. .Managing Large Class Rooms with Limited Resources in the International Conference organized at Vivekananda Global University Jaipur from 21-23 August 2014
  3. Subverting darkness: Reclaiming Aboriginal Identity in Sally Morgan’s My Place and ruby Langford Ginbi’s Don’t Take Your Love to Town in the International Conference on Literature , Culture and World Peace organized by Hihe Education and Research Society , Mumbai, on 23-24th Sep 2016 at Dnyansagar Institute of Managament and Research, Pune
Papers presented in National Seminar
  1. East-West Encounter in RP Jhabvala’s Esmond in India” in UGC Sponsored  national Seminar in Gandhigaram University Dindigul, T.N. 2005
  2.  “ Social Conventions and the Inner Conflicts “ : A Stuy of Arun Joshi’s The Foreigner” in the national seminar held on 7th Feb 2005 at PSGR Krishnammal College, Coimbatore, TN
  1. “Women in Literature” in UGC sponsored National conference on Gender Studies and Curriculum Design in Vellalar College for Women Erode, TN 2006
  2.  “The Apprentice: Victimization of the Innocent by a Corrupt Society” in Two day National Conference held at St. John’s College, Palayamkottai, T.N from 2-3 April 2012
  1. The Role of Folk Songs in Preservation of Tribal Culture: A Case Study of Mavilan Tribe. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Tribal Culture. Newman College Thodupuzha, Kerala from 11-08-2015 to 12-08-2015
  2. “The Effect of Culture on Literature: A Case Study on Mavilan Tribe” in UGC Sponsored National Seminar conducted by Acquinas college, Edacochin, Kerala from 3-4 Sept 2015
Independent Projects
  • Projects ( Minor)  :  Plight of Women in the Novels of RP Jhabvala-UGC Sponsored-2012-2014
Symposia/Conference/Workshop/Industrial Visit Conducted/ Attended
  • Seminars convened : One – National seminar on New Perspectives on Post Colonial Literature on 3rd October 2013
Refresher/ Orientation Programmes Attended
Course Subject Institution From To
Orientation Bharathiar University Coimbatore 1-6-2002 28-6-2002
Refresher I English Goa University 11-7-2003 31-7-2003
Refresher III English GNDU Amritsar, Punjab 7-10-2005 6-11-2005
Refresher III English University of Hyderabad 10-2-2011 2-3-2011
Others ( Specify) Short term course for research guides University of Kerala 14-9-2009 19-9-2009

Personal details                 

 Date of birth                           :16-02-1964

Father’s name                         : Alexander

Mother’s name                        : Thresiamma

Nationality                                : India

Marital Status                           : Religious

Languages Known: Read/ Write/ Speak
  • English, Malayalam &Hindi 
  • Reading
  • Listening music
States Visited 
  • Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, A.P, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab
Permanent Address 

L.F.Convent, Mangattidom, Nimalagiri P.O.67070