Mentoring System

It is the interest of the institution that each and every student gets personal attention from teachers. For this, every student is assigned to the care of a Mentor. The students can consult him/her and seek advice and guidance on all matters, intended to help the students to solve their difficulties. The mentor shall maintain a close contact with the guardians of the students under his charge and keep them informed of the progress and conduct of their wards. Conduct certificates will be issued only on the recommendation of the mentor.

Class Name of Mentors
I DC Botany Dr. Denny Philip
II DC Botany Dr. R. D. Anpin Raja
III DC Botany Resmi P Thomas
I DC Chemistry Dr. Ajesh P Thomas
II DC Chemistry Dr. Siji Mathew
III DC Chemistry Dr. Nygil Thomas
I PG Chemistry Dr. Rakesh K.E
II PG Chemistry Dr.Manjusha Mathew
I DC Commerce Sr. Dr. Rincy Elizabeth
II DC Commerce Camillo Joseph
III DC Commerce Roshin Thomas
I DC Economics Manu K M
II DC Economics Praphul K Varkeychen
III DC Economics Edwin Jerard
I PG Economics Johnson George
II PG Economics Dr. Sebastian T K
I DC English Sr. Sonia Philomena V A
II DC English Shini George
III DC English Dr. Finitha Jose
I DC History Sr. Dr. Manju O S
II DC History Reshma Tom
III DC History Sr. Sujamol Joseph
I DC Home Science Sr. Dr. Celine Mathew C
II DC Home Science Amaya K
III DC Home Science Deepthi Lisbeth K
I DC Malayalam Fr. Dr. Martin Joseph
II DC Malayalam Dr. Deepamol Mathew
III DC Malayalam Fr. Dr. Jobi Jacob
I DC Mathematics Dr. Sabu Sebastian
II DC Mathematics Dr. Rejeesh C. John
III DC Mathematics Dr. Rency Kurian
I DC Physics Dr. Deepu Thomas
II DC Physics Dr. Joshy Joseph
III DC Physics Deepu Joseph
III DC Physics Deepu Joseph
I PG Physics Emmanuel Tom
II PG Physics Dr. Joji Kurian
I DC Zoology Dr. Siby Philip
II DC Zoology Sangeetha A.P
III DC Zoology Dr. Jimly C Jacob
I PG Zoology Shamya N.N
II PG Zoology Vineesh Sebastian