The College Library has a collection of 54291 books. It subscribes to 65 journals, magazines and newspapers. Besides, the library provides access to a number of online resources including e books, journals and magazines.


The books are classified and arranged in the stack according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System 21st edition; a local variation of the same is used for classifying literature collection in Indian languages. The library follows an open access system; any user can enter the stack and browse through the collection.

Library Automation

The Library is automated using the open source Integrated Library Management Software Koha version All books and member identity cards are barcoded. Barcode technology is used mainly for issue and return of books.

Digital Library

The Digital Library is created using DSpace. Digital Herbarium, Previous Years’ University Question Papers, College Magazines, E Books, PhD theses of the Faculty etc. can be accessed using this facility.


Two Computers are provided in the library for the users to search books and other documents using the online catalogue. Bibliographic details are available in English, Hindi and Malayalam Languages. Links to important online resources such as N-List of INFLIBNET, National Digital Library of India, Open Access Journals and books, Digital Repositories etc. also are provided along with the OPAC.

Access to E-Magazines

The College subscribes to Magzter, which provides access to 7500+ online magazines, journals, Newspapers, e books etc. in many languages including English, Hindi and Malayalam. An e-reading room has been arranged in the library with 15 tablets for using this facility.

Subscription to N-List

All teachers and students have N-List account. Special training is given to all during the library orientation programme for effectively using the N-List e resources.

RFID Technology enabled Gate Register

Radio Frequency Identification Technology is used to record the login details of the users. RFID chips are affixed on the Identity tags of all teachers and students. Their log in details are automatically recorded while they enter the library.


The library has a high-quality scanner for digitizing the print documents. The digitized documents are added to the Digital Library Collection.

Internet and Wifi

The Library has an independent internet connection with 150 mbps. Wifi facility is given in the reading room and discussion room.

Identity Card Printing

The library has undertaken the responsibility of printing the RFID enabled College Identity cards for the staff and students. A thermal multi- colour identity card printer is available in the library for this purpose.