Our Research

# Subject Recognizing Agency Research Centre Year of Recognition
1 Economics Kannur University IRISH, Nirmalagiri 2004

# Guide Department Research Centre Ph.Ds Produced Ph.Ds Submitted Ongoing
1 Dr. Saleena N J (Rtd) Economics IRISH, Nirmalagiri 7 2 -
2 Dr. Sebastian T.K Economics IRISH, Nirmalagiri 2 2 3
3 Dr. Devasia M D Economics Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery 3 1 4

# Year Department Faculty Type Funding Agency Grants Status
1 2015 Economics Dr. Devasia M.D. Minor UGC 1,45,000 Completed
2 2014 Economics Dr. Sebastian T.K. Minor UGC 1,10,000 Completed
3 2012 Economics Dr. Saleena N.J. (Rtd) Major ICSSR 7,000,00 Completed
4 2010 Economics Dr. Saleena N.J. (Rtd) Major UGC 6,25,600 Completed

# Year Department Faculty Details
1 2012 Economics Dr. Saleena N J (Rtd) Saleena N.J(2012) “Trade Liberalisation and Price Volatility: An Econometric Investigation”. Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation. December Vol.8 No.4 ISSN: 2319-510X.
2 2012 Economics Dr. Saleena N J (Rtd) Saleena N.J, Sandhosh Kumar (2012) “Impact of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Stock market Return Volatility in India, Evidence from Vector Auto Regressive (VAR) Analysis”. Pacific Business Review International Refereed Monthly Journal Vol.5 Issue 4.October, ISSN 0974-4 38X.
3 2011 Economics Dr. Sebastian T K Sebastian TK. (2011). Poverty, Vulnerability and Indian Agriculture, in Journal of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vil. 6, Number 61 & 2, pp183-190. ISSN 0973-3353

# Year Organizer Type Funding Agency Level Title & Date
1 2015 Economics Workshop UGC Regional Research Methodology in Social Science, 12th– 15th Oct, 2015