Computer Lab

The Nirmalagiri Computer lab is equipped with 37 computers, all with genuine Windows 10 operating system and 4 GB of RAM. These computers are internet enabled and are available for students for their various computing needs. Students can avail the facilities during the free hours – provided the lab is free – or during intervals (provided staff or teachers are available at the lab during this period). The students may avail the facilities to browse topics related to their field of study, to download notes, prepare assignments, prepare presentations or to complete tasks assigned via the google-classrooms.

Lab Guidelines

  • Single time use of maximum 30 minutes (other than during practical sessions) is permitted.
  • Students should follow the procedures prescribed for logging in and logging out.
  • Lab computers should be used with care considering them as your own property.
  • Students are supposed to use only the systems allotted to them.
  • Use of any sort of removable storage devices is forbidden.
  • Silence should be observed in and around the lab
  • Mobile phones and laptops are not allowed in the lab
  • No student is permitted to shift or interchange any part of the computer with another.
  • Students found mishandling the computer systems or peripherals would be penalized with a monetary fine.
  • Report any hardware/software related complaints to the lab-in-charge.
  • Before leaving the lab, users should properly shutdown the systems and re-arrange the seats.
  • Students should take off their shoes and put them outside the laboratory before entering the computer lab.