Department of Home Science


The department of Home Science had its inception along with the college itself (1964).The course was introduced by the pioneers of the department to bring women to the forefront of educational and employment opportunities. Nirmalagiri College is the only institution in Kannur University that offers Home Science as a UGC recognized professional course. The department offers degree course in Home Science with particular stress on areas like Food Science & Nutrition, Textile Science and Fashion Designing, Family Resource Management, Psychology, Human anatomy and Physiology etc. and subsidiaries like Chemistry and Zoology.

Main Highlights

  • Diet Counseling Centre
  • Certificate Course on Beautician
  • Special training in handicrafts- Certificate Course in Fabric Ornamentation
  • Friday Canteen
  • Nirmalagiri Home Science Students Enterprises (NHSSE)
  • Residence Course
  • Extension Activities: – (Sreyas, Awareness classes on Nutrition, positive mental health in family and adolescent psychology etc., Training on Food Processing, Training on Flower Arrangement, Training on Vegetable Carving)
  • Department Library
  • Charity visits