College Rules

  1. All students should follow the rules and regulations of the College. Ignorance of rules is not an excuse.

  2. Every student shall attend classes regularly and punctually and shall refrain from all actions that may disturb the smooth functioning of the College.

  3. Smoking, use of alcohol and drugs or indulging in other reprehensible habits within the college premises are strictly forbidden and will result in the removal of students concerned from the rolls temporarily or permanently.

  4. Proper respect should be paid to teachers both inside and outside the classroom.

  5. When classes are in session, students shall not enter or leave the classrooms without the permission of the teacher in the class.

  6. When the Principal or the teacher enters a classroom students will rise and remain standing till they are directed to sit down.

  7. Any student (a) who persistently insubordinates (b) who is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous (c) who is guilty of fraud or malpractice in connection with examination, (d) who uses abusive and offensive language to any member of the staff or fellow students (e) who defaces walls of the classrooms and college buildings and (f) who in the opinion of the Principal, is likely to have an unwholesome influence on his fellow students, will be punished. The punishment includes removal from the rolls of the college, which will be either temporary or permanent, according to the seriousness of the offence. The students known to have misbehaved will not be issued the conduct certificate.

  8. Students are warned against presenting mass petition to the Principal. Requests and representation may be made to the Principal by class representatives on behalf of his/her classes.

  9. Notice of any kind should not be circulated among the students within the college premises without the written permission of the Principal.

  10. Meeting of any kind will not be held within the College premises without the written permission from the Principal.

  11. Students are forbidden to write anything on the black board without permission or address the class in the absence of the teacher. Students who do not belong to a particular class shall not enter that class room under any circumstances.

  12. Prior permission of the Principal should be obtained: - i. For organizing special meetings, entertainments, or special functions in the college ii. For inviting persons from outside for any function in the college iii. For collecting subscription of any kind from the students and staff of the college.

  13. When a student has any doubt on any matter concerning college discipline, he may seek guidance from the Principal or any of the Heads of Departments.

  14. Students who are found intoxicated in the campus will be expelled from the college with immediate effect.

  15. A student will face automatic expulsion for the possession of narcotics or lethal weapons.

  16. Publication of any kind without permission from Principal is strictly forbidden.

  17. No student shall stage or indulge in any activity like dharna, gherao, obstructing entry to and from any class room, office hall or other places inside the campus and such activities shall be treated as misconduct.

  18. No student shall shout slogans inside the class rooms, office or any other place inside the campus and obstruct, interfere or cause disturbance and nuisance to the ordinary functioning of the institution. These actives shall be treated as misconduct.

  19. Riding Motorbikes, using Mobile Phones and conducting Fashion shows are banned in the college premises as per the order RT No. 1102/05/Hr.Edn. Dept. dtd 24-06-2005.

  20. Banners, posters, flags etc are not allowed on campus as well as on the gates and compound walls of the college.

  21. Any damage to college property will be recoverable from such students if they can be identified or from the most identifiable group which includes the suspects.

  22. The College Main Gate shall remain open on all working days from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, but the entry will be restricted by security checks.

  23. The students shall be present in their Classrooms at the stroke of the Second Bell at 9.25 am and should stand up for the Morning Prayer at 9.30.a.m. Students who are elsewhere in the campus should stand still where ever they are during the prayer.

  24. When leave is required for unavoidable reasons, the applications for the same in the prescribed form duly recommended by the mentor, should be submitted in the office.

  25. Students should wear the uniform specified by the college on all days including the days of special classes. Uniform is exempted on all Wednesdays and on four special days of celebration namely Onam, Christmas & New Year, Union Inauguration and College Day.

  26. Students should be modest in dressing while wearing colour dress.

  27. Students should always wear the valid college Identity Card/ Tag, while on the campus.

  28. Students should carry their ID Tags when they go out for functions to represent the College.

  29. The loss of ID cards should be intimated to the College Office and request should be furnished in the prescribed
    format for a new one and they should pay for the same.

  30. Students should surrender their ID cards on completion of the course or along with the application for TC.

  31. No student shall be permitted to leave the campus during class time without written permission of the Principal.

  32. The entry of student vehicles is strictly prohibited in the Campus. They should be parked at the specified place near Security Cabin at the main entrance.

  33. Students are not permitted to bring anyone to the campus without prior written permission from the Principal.

  34. Students should show dignity, courtesy and respect always in their behaviour and be polite to teachers, administrative staff and fellow students.

  35. Students shall not crowd in porticos and steps, and shall not loiter on veranda and campus during working hours.

  36. Students should keep the campus clean, tidy and green. They should not litter and destroy the trees and garden on the campus.

  37. Students should not engage in activities that might cause disrepute to the college.

  38. Students shall not make unnecessary sounds with or without instruments to disturb and create annoyance to others.

  39. Students shall not intimidate insult or assault others.

  40. Students shall not carry explosives, weapons, arms, metals, chains or stones.

  41. All Celebrations in the campus including Union activities, should be held only after getting prior permission from the Head of the Institution of the college. Celebrations of any type should be communicated to the Head of the Institution through Staff Advisor concerned at least five working days prior to the event, with programme details, guests attending, source of funds, expenditure estimates etc. The Discipline Committee should monitor and supervise the celebrations in the college.

  42. Students Union activities should be supervised by a Committee chaired by the Head of the Institution with Staff Advisor as Convener. The committee should also comprise HoDs and discipline committee members.

  43. The use of mobile phone is strictly banned in the campus. In case of any violation, the mobile phone will be seized and a fine of Rs. 500/- will be levied.

  44. No type of vehicles should be used during celebrations inside the College Campus/Hostels.

  45. Public, including former students, will be allowed to enter the college campus only for genuine reasons. They will not be allowed to enter the class rooms and hostel rooms in any case.

  46. Do not harass the freshers. Ragging of any kind amounts to criminal intimidation and offence.

  47. Programmes by External agencies/Professional groups such as DJ, Musical events will not be permitted inside the campus. No type of fund raising from the students will be permitted, as these practices lead to extortion and misuse of funds.

  48. Bike race/motor car race/elephant procession or similar activities will not be permitted inside the Campus/Hostels.

  49. Monthly attendance will be published on the 10th of the ensuing month.

  50. Application for privilege attendance should be submitted in the office within five days after the completion of the activity for which privilege attendance is claimed. Late applications will not be entertained.