Assistant Professor

Department of History

Nirmalagiri College

Email : srsujajosephsh@gmail.com

Mob : 8547959466

Current Professional status
  • Assistant Professor
Academic qualifications
  • MA, M.Phil, B.Ed, NET
Academic Achievements
  • B.A History – II nd Rank – Calicut University
  • M. Phil – Gold medal- Pondicherry University
Areas of Academic Interest
  • Social History
Papers presented in National Seminars
  1. Mapping the Layers of Socio-Economic Transformation; Impact of Peasant Migration from   Travancore to Malabar in Mid-Decades of 20th Century, South Indian History Congress thirty sixth annual session Puducherry,2016.
  2. “ IRON AGE ROCK CUT CAVES OF NORTH MALABAR”, South Indian history Congress, South Indian History Congress 30th Annual Session 6-8, feb-2010, at Madayi college, Kannur university.

Symposia/Conference/Workshop/Industrial Visit Conducted/ Attended
Name of Seminar Date  From- To Organizing Institution Participation/Presentation




23/03/2009- 24/03/2009 Pondicherry University ‘Dominance and Resistance in Colonial and post Colonial India  (Participation)


25/03/2009- 27/03/2009 Pondicherry University Cultural transition  from Iron Age to Early historic: An Archeological perspective (Participation)
International 18/01/2010-20/01/2010 IRISH European Maritime Activities in Peninsular India,1500-1800




18.01.2010-20.01.2010 IRISH European Maritime Activities In Peninsular India 1500-1800 (Participation)
National (South Indian History Congress) 06.02.2010-08.02.2010 SIHC-XXX Annual Session ,Madayi College, Kannur University,Kerala Iron Age Rock cut caves of North malabar ( Presentation)
Regional 23/10/2013 Dept.of History National movement in Malabar: Ideology and Politics (Participation)
National 25/11/2013-26/11/2013 UGC Indian Environmental Issues; Lessons from History(Participation)
International 8/09/2013-12/09/2013 IRISH Imperial Rome; Indian Ocean Regions and Muziris (Participation)
International 14/11/2014


Kerala history Conference (Participation)
International 24/07/2015-25/07/2015 Pontifical Committee for Historical research Society and Culture with special reference to the 19th and 20th Centuries . (Participation)
National (South Indian History Congress) 04/03/2016-06/03/2016 SIHC-XVI Annual Session Pondicherry university Mapping the Layers of Socio-Economic Transformation; Impact of Peasant Migration from   Travancore to Malabar in Mid-Decades of 20th Century ( Presentation)
National 22/01/2016-23/01/2016 NAAC Quality Enhancement in higher Education: The role of Inter-Disciplinary Teaching,learning and Research(Participation)
International 11/11/2016-13/11/2016 Calicut University Kerala History Conference (Fourth Annual International Kerala History Conference)
Niational 13/02/2017- 14/02/2017 Pazhassiraja College


National Workshop on Research Methodology In History
Refresher/ Orientation Programmes Attended
Orientation Pondicherry University 15-09-2015 12-10-2015

Independent Programmes / Committees
  • Grievance Redressal committee
  • Fine arts Committee
  • Discipline committee
  • Women cell Committee
  • Value Education
  • NSS programme officer
Computer Knowledge

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Personal details

Sex                            : Female

Date of birth              : 01/06/1978

Father’s name          : Joseph

Mother’s name         : Marykutty

Nationality                 : Indian

Marital status            :  Religious

Languages Known: Read/ Write/ Speak
  • Malayalam
  • English
  • Reading
  • Gardening
States Visited
  • TamilNadu, Karnataka, UP, Punjab, Delhi, Madhyapradesh & Pondicherry
Permanent Address
  • Nirmalabhavan , Nirmalagiri (PO), Kuthuparamba, Kannur