Faculty involved in Research

  Faculty Prioritized research areas
1 Dr. Marykutty Alex Indian writing
2 Dr. Ousephachan K.V Afro-American literature
3 Dr. Mini Joseph Canadian literature
4 Dr. Gracy C. C. Indian literature and feminism
5 Dr Varkey Sebastian Magnetism, Mossbauer Spectroscopy
6 Dr. Joji Kurian Materials Science, Spectroscopy, Magnetism
7 Dr. Sudheesh V.D. Condensed matter Physics, Nanomagnetics
8 Dr. Joshy Joseph Solid State Physics
9 Mr. Emmanuel Tom Semiconductor Nanostructures
10 Dr. Saly George Environmental Biology, Conservation Biology
11 Dr Siby Philip Evolutionary Biology, Comparative Genomics,
12 Dr. Shyla George Eva Based Polymers – Synthesis and applications
13 Dr. Rosy Antony NanoComposites Adsorption, High Performance Polymers
14 Dr. Manjusha Mathew Nano Materials, Synthesis, Bio sensors
15 Dr. Nygil Thomas Materials Chemistry, Catalysis, Environmental Chemistry, Drug action
16 Dr. James Paul Hindi Drama
17 Dr. Manjula Poyyil Tribal Burial Practices-Archeological perspective
18 Dr. Devasia M.D Higher Education, Cost-Benefit analysis
19 Dr. Saleena N.J Gender studies, Women Empowerment, Tribal Economics
20 Dr. Sebastian T.K Human Development, Studies on Poverty, Deprivation & Exclusion
21 Fr. Martin Joseph Gender studies
22 Fr. Jobi Jacob Cultural Transition in Malabar
23 Dr. Deepamol Mathew Folk Elements in Ancient Malayalam Poetry
24 Mr. Jaison Joseph Grammar
25 Dr. Jessy Varghese Family Resource Management, Women Empowerment
26 Dr. Celine Mathew Food and Nutrition, Nutritional Management in Diabetic
27 Dr. Sabu Sebastian Multi-Fuzzy sets, Algebra Analysis
28 Dr. Rency Kurian Graph Theory, Mathematical Analysis
29 Dr. Rejeesh C. John Probability Distribution Theory
30 Dr. K. N. Ajoykumar Tissue Culture
31 Dr. Denny Philip Ethno Pharmacology
32 Dr. R. D. Anpin Raja Taxonomy and Conservation Biology, Ethno Pharmacology
33 Dr. Tessy George Hindi Novel
34 Smt.SujamariammaJoshua Hindi Stories
35 Dr. Shajimon T.J. Religious Conversion and Social Mobility of the Marginalised
36 Dr. Sr. Manju O. S. Maritime Studies
37 Dr. Lajina M. M. Energy Economics
38 Mr. Rakesh K. E. Biocomposites
39 Smt. Jimly C Jacob Marine Microbiology
40 Dr. Marykutty P T Graph Theory